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How to Pair the SuperBox Remote to the Android TV Box?

Mar 13, 2024 Superbox Official Store
How to Pair the SuperBox Remote to the Android TV Box?-Superbox Official Store

When you receive the SuperBox package. First, you need to pair the remote control with your TV box. Otherwise, you can only control your box via infrared and cannot use the voice control function. Follow the below steps to pair your remote to the SuperBox.

Step 1: Turn your SuperBox

Step 2: Press the Mic button on your remote or Click the Mic icon to open the pairing page

Step 3: Hold the Return and OK buttons together for 8 seconds till the red light flashes

Step 4: Press the OK button on your remote to finish the pairing process.

Step 5: Go to [Settings] – [Device Preferences] – [Remotes & Accessories] to check out.

Unpair the Remote here and re-pair it if something is wrong.

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