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What are the commands to open app in Superbox S5 Max ?

The Superbox S5 Max takes entertainment to the next level with integrated Google Assistant, enabling seamless control over your TV box using simple voice commands. Once you've connected the SuperBox S5 Max's remote to the box via Bluetooth, you can harness the power of Voice Control. Here's a comprehensive guide on using Voice Control for an enhanced user experience.

1. TV Box Settings

Initiate TV box settings effortlessly:

  • Say "Settings" to set up your TV box.
  • Use "WiFi" to configure your WiFi connection.
  • Speak "date" to set up the time and date.
  • Explore display options with "Display" for TV screen adjustments.
  • Access the app store with "apps" for app-related actions.
  • Keep your Superbox updated with "OTA" for Over-The-Air updates.

2. Install and Uninstall Applications

Take charge of your apps with voice commands:

  • Utter "download/install/update/upgrade + app name" to manage applications.
  • Remove unwanted apps by saying "delete/uninstall + app name."

3. Open/Close Apps

Effortlessly open and close applications:

  • State the application's name to open it, e.g., "YouTube" to launch the YouTube app.
  • Seamlessly switch between applications with simple commands like "TV" to watch TV or "video" for movies and TV series.

4. Back to Home Screen

Navigate back to the Home Screen with ease:

  • Simply say "Home" from any screen to return to the Home Screen.

5. YouTube Searching

Efficiently search for content on YouTube:

  • Activate the voice search function by pressing the voice button once on YouTube.
  • Long-press the voice button and speak to search for anything on YouTube.

6. TV Channel Searching

Effortlessly find and switch TV channels:

  • Say "channel's name + in TV" to watch a specific TV channel.
  • Switch between channels by stating the "channel's name" while watching.

7. Movie/TV Series Searching

Discover movies and TV series effortlessly:

  • Use "movie's name + in video" to watch a particular movie.
  • Opt for "TV series' name + in video" to watch a specific TV series.
  • Explore the VOD section by saying "movie's name" to search for a movie.
  • Search for movies made by a specific director with "director's name."
  • Find movies featuring a particular actor with "actor's name."

Voice control on the Superbox S5 Max redefines your interaction with the TV box, providing a hands-free and intuitive experience for a more enjoyable entertainment journey.